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Many parents still wonder “when should babies use salted weaning powder”, “can babies at 6 months eat salty powder yet”. In fact, from 6 months and up is the right time to introduce your baby to new foods, stimulating the taste buds. Therefore, parents can feed their children salty powder at this time.

What is salted weaning powder?

Salty weaning powder is a powder for children containing animal protein sources such as meat, fish, shrimp, crab, … providing children with essential nutrients such as starch, fat, protein, and fiber. along with essential vitamins and minerals.

Compared with sweet powder (mainly containing ingredients from fruits and vegetables), salty powder is very diverse and rich in taste, stimulating the baby’s appetite.

When should baby eat salty powder?

In terms of age, when the baby is 6 months old or more, it is time to give him salted weaning powder. As for the child’s eating journey, after 2-4 weeks from the time the baby starts to eat solids, if the baby has good digestion, no bloating, abdominal distension, then the mother can give the baby salty powder.

At this time, babies can use salty weaning powder because:

  • After weaning for a period of time, babies need to add protein from ingredients such as eggs, meat, fish, shrimp or legumes, … and fat to develop more comprehensively, to meet their needs. daily nutritional requirements. However, the ingredients in sweet weaning powder are mainly milk, rice, vegetables,… so that the baby’s digestive system can easily get used to eating solid foods. But if after 2-4 weeks, you still only provide sweet powdered food for your baby, then your baby’s physical and intellectual development will not be properly developed.

  • 6 months old is the time when the baby’s digestive system has developed relatively complete, can absorb solid and complex foods than breast milk. Therefore, at this time, children can also absorb most of the nutrients in salty powder so that the body can develop healthier, more balanced and comprehensive.

Babies from 6 months of age onwards is the time when mothers can give them salted weaning powder.  (Photo: Mabu.vn)

Note when feeding baby salty weaning powder?

Salty weaning powder is a necessary food to supplement comprehensive nutrients for the development of children. However, in order to get the best effect and not adversely affect the digestive system of the baby, the mother should give the baby salted weaning powder properly as follows:

Ensure basic nutrients

The salty weaning powder that mothers need to use for their babies must ensure that they have all 4 essential groups of substances: Starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to provide adequate nutrients, maintain movement and develop properly. most comprehensive.

Salty weaning powder needs enough 4 groups of essential substances.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

About 2-4 weeks of eating monosodium glutamate, then switch to salty flour

When children are used to the sweet weaning menu, 2-4 weeks later, they can switch to salty powder. Usually, when the baby is 5 months old, they eat MSG to get used to it and from 6 months onwards, they can eat salty powder.

No seasoning

You absolutely must not add common cooking seasonings such as salt, seasoning seeds or MSG, etc. to your baby’s weaning powder. Because children under 1 year old are still in the process of perfecting the functions of each part of the body, especially the kidneys. Therefore, if the mother adds spices to the powder, the baby’s kidneys may be overworked, leading to damage. In particular, excess salt also puts children at risk of rickets, anorexia, hypertension, cancer or kidney failure in the future due to salty eating habits.

Do not add spices such as salt, MSG... to baby's weaning food.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Research carefully the foods that cause your baby’s allergies

Studies show that about 36-44% of children may have at least one allergy caused by many factors such as food, pet dander, mold, etc. of which food allergy is the most common cause. best. Therefore, mothers need to watch for signs of whether their baby is allergic to any food, especially after feeding them eggs, shrimp, crab, ….

Mother should let the baby get used to eating salty foods slowly

If the baby has not received the salty powder, the mother should not force the child but need to practice slowly. Forcing children to eat can put pressure on the baby to become disgusted with eating, the brain is not stimulated, there is no appetite, reduced saliva production and as a result, the process of digesting food is not efficient. fruit.

Besides, successfully forcing children to eat can cause children to eat too much, exceeding their daily needs, leading to excessive weight gain, affecting health and psychophysiology in the long run.

Monitor the reactions of the new baby with salty weaning powder

You need to observe your baby’s reactions after the first few spoonfuls of food to know if the baby accepts this food or not. If your baby is eating well and digesting well, this is a sign that your baby is adapting well to salty solids.

Diversify the flavor of weaning powder

With each flavor, the mother should let the baby try about 2-3 times before changing another dish. This will help your child not get bored, encourage him to eat a variety of foods and create healthy eating habits later on.

Diversify the flavor of baby powder to stimulate baby's taste.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Some salty weaning powder for babies

Pigeon salty snack powder

Nutritional ingredients in Pigeon salty weaning powder:

  • Ingredients derived from nature such as rice flour, sea bream, tuna, beef, chicken, vegetables such as corn, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, …

Benefits for children:

  • The important nutrients in Pigeon salted food powder bring about the comprehensive development of your baby.

  • Ingredients processed from natural origin should ensure safety, help children absorb better.

  • Pigeon salted weaning powder does not contain preservatives, does not use chemical spices, so it is very safe for children.

  • Pigeon salty weaning powder has a variety of flavors, can be flexible to change meals for children.

  • The taste of Pigeon weaning powder is light and easy for babies to adapt when switching from breast milk to solid food.

Pigeon salted weaning powder.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

  • Wakodo salty snack powder

Children from 5 months old can already use Wakodo weaning powder. The company divided into two product groups, one group is for babies 5 months old, the other group is for babies from 7 months old.

Nutritional ingredients in Wakodo salty snack powder:

  • The main ingredient in Wakodo salty snack powder is Koshihikari rice flour combined with carefully selected natural ingredients such as vegetables, fish, chicken,… With vegetables, Wakodo exploits nutrients from carrots. , pumpkin, tomato, spinach, potato…

  • Meanwhile, the type of fish that appears a lot in Wakodo weaning meal is cod with high nutritional value, light flavor and less fishy.

  • To supplement protein for children, Wakodo also includes chicken liver as an ingredient in some powder flavors.

Benefits for children:

  • Wakodo salty weaning powder is made from 100% plants such as white rice, carrots, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin and fish… to meet the essential nutritional needs of children.

  • The powder is porous, so it is very soluble in water, making it easy for children to chew, swallow and digest well.

  • Wakodo salty snack powder does not use preservatives, flavorings, colorants.

Wakodo salty snack powder.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Heinz salty snack powder

Nutritional ingredients in Heinz weaning powder:

  • Heinz savory weaning powder has flavors such as chicken, beef, cauliflower – broccoli – cheese, pasta – vegetables – cheese, rice and vegetable puree, …

  • Heinz salty snack powder contains nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin D, …

  Heinz salty snack powder.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Benefits for children:

  • With completely natural ingredients, combining 2 or more foods according to a scientific formula that has been carefully studied by nutritionists, Heinz baby powder has a delicious and attractive taste. Love it from the very first taste.

  • The vitamins and minerals in Heinz baby food powder help your baby to grow taller and have strong teeth and bones.

Hipp salty snack powder

HiPP weaning powder has to go through 1,300 different tests for contaminants and more than 260 rigorous testing stages, including testing for taste, quality standards, sensory, chemical-free ingredients. no harmful substances to the baby in the future… to produce a safe and best quality product to consumers.


  • The ingredients in HiPP weaning powder are full of vitamins A, C, D and essential minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium to help supplement nutritional and energy needs for the baby’s comprehensive development. This article is referenced content from https://chanhtuoi.com - Evaluate whether Hipp powder is good?  Which is the most delicious?

  • In particular, in Hipp weaning powder, probiotics are added, which are good bacteria for the intestinal tract, protecting the immature digestive system of children, increasing the ability to absorb nutrients and limiting disorders. digestive disorders.

  • In Hipp’s weaning powder, it does not contain gluten, which is a sticky compound that creates smoothness for food but is easy to cause allergies and difficult for babies to tolerate. Therefore, with the baby allergic to cow’s milk protein, the mother can be completely assured when using this product.

Benefits of powder for children:

  • The ingredients in Hipp salty baby food powder are safe for babies because they are made from 100% organic ingredients.

  • The strict production process of Hipp salty weaning powder gives your baby absolute safety during the use of the product.

  • Hipp salty weaning powder provides babies with an abundant fiber content for easy digestion and absorption.

  • Hipp salty snack powder has a delicious, attractive taste without any additives or harmful industrial colorants.

  • HiPP weaning powder is easy and quick to prepare.

Hipp weaning powder.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Some ways to prepare salty baby food powder

Weaning powder cooked with pork and water spinach



  • Pork and water spinach are washed, then pureed.

  • Add a little oil and meat to stir-fry, you can grind it again to make it smaller.

  • Then put the powdered baby food into the pot of water and stir to dissolve, put on the stove to cook.

  • When the dough is cooked, the mother cooks the previously ground pork and water spinach.

  • Pour the flour into a bowl and add a little oil to let your baby enjoy a nutritious starter snack.

Ingredients for making weaning flour with water with water spinach.  (Photo: mabu.vn)

Weaning powder cooked with boiled lotus seed broth



  • Pork washed and minced, mixed first with a little water to dissolve and then boil.

  • Lotus seeds are washed, steamed and then finely chopped.

  • Add about 150ml of water to the powder and stir to dissolve. Cook until boiling, then add the meat and stir well, continue to add lotus seeds, when the powder is boiling, turn off the heat, pour into a bowl and add a little cooking oil to complete this dish for your baby.

Weaning powder cooked with boiled lotus seed broth.  (Photo: Angitonay.net)

Beef weaning powder with spinach

Processing materials:


  • Spinach picks up the leaves, washes them, then puts them in a pot of boiling or steaming, then pureed.

  • Beef washed, minced or pureed. Then add a little water, stir until the beef melts.

  • Mom put 10 grams of powdered baby food into 200ml of water, stirred it, and put it on the stove to cook for about 5 minutes. When the dough is cooked, add the beef and stir, when the beef is cooked, add the spinach and bring to a boil.

  • Pour the flour into a bowl, add a spoonful of cooking oil, stir well, let the porridge cool down and then let the baby enjoy.

Chicken meal with squash cooked



  • Minced or minced chicken, add a little water to beat to prevent the meat from clumping.

  • Wash the squash, boil or steam it, and mash it with a spoon.

  • Put about 200ml of filtered water into the flour and stir to dissolve, cook on the stove for about 3-5 minutes, then add the pureed chicken and squash to boil.

  • Pour the dough into a bowl, add a little cooking oil, wait for the dough to cool, then let the baby enjoy.

Chicken dishes cooked with squash for babies.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

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When the baby is from 6 to 7 months old, the digestive system is stronger, then the mother can start letting the baby get used to the salty taste of powdered solids. Thus, through the above information, hopefully parents can know when to give their children salty weaning powder. Follow Monkey’s articles to know more best baby care knowledge!

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