Gợi ý thực đơn ăn dặm 6 tháng kiểu Nhật cho bé

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Japanese-style weaning is currently one of the methods to help your baby develop comprehensively physically and intellectually, so it is trusted by many Vietnamese mothers. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to learn carefully about the 6-month Japanese-style weaning menu for babies.

What nutrients does a 6 month old baby need?

The Japanese method of weaning is known from the Japanese way of feeding children. The dishes from the Japanese-style weaning menu are prepared separately from each other, placed on the same table for children to choose and eat by themselves.

The purpose of this method is to make your baby’s meal more delicious and fun, as well as good for the baby’s immature digestive system. In addition, this type of eating also helps children to stimulate independence and thinking to distinguish things.

To provide adequate nutrition for your baby, a 6-month-old Japanese-style weaning menu needs the following nutrients:

Protein and protein

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscles, blood, skin, bones, and other organs.

Protein also provides energy, creates enzymes, hormones and antibodies that help regulate body activities, fight disease, and transport essential nutrients. When the body consumes protein-containing foods in the digestive tract, protein-digesting enzymes break it down into amino acids and absorb it.

Of the 20 types of amino acids that the human body uses, 9 are called essential and the body cannot synthesize it, so it needs to be obtained from daily food sources. produce the required amount of protein.

Sources of protein and protein for the body include: Meat, fish, beans, beans, milk and dairy products, eggs…

The 6-month Japanese-style weaning menu for babies needs full nutrition.  (Photo: Phunuonline.com.vn)

Vitamins and fiber

Vitamins are essential micronutrients of the body, participating in many vital activities of the human body. However, these nutrients are not made in the body, but need to be obtained from external foods such as vegetables, fruits and other foods.

Fiber is also an indispensable food group in the Japanese-style weaning menu for 6-month-old babies. The role of fiber is to help with better digestion, providing many other great benefits for the child’s body.

Vitamins and fiber are found in foods such as oranges, carrots, broccoli, avocados, strawberries, bananas, …

Starch food group

Starch is the main source of fuel for the central nervous system and energy for the organs in the body to work efficiently. This is also a component that makes up cells, regulates the activities of the body and provides the necessary fiber.

Starchy foods such as rice, oats, corn or potatoes, etc. are all essential food groups, providing 50-60% of the baby’s daily energy needs.

Starchy foods help provide energy and regulate baby's body activities.  (Photo: youmed.vn)

6-month Japanese-style weaning menu for babies

Depending on the development, the mother can choose the time to eat Japanese-style weaning for the baby at 6 months. Usually, when the baby is 5-6 months old, if the baby can sit with support, he can start eating Japanese-style weaning.

To make a 5-6 month Japanese weaning menu suitable for local food sources, you can use vegetables such as: Cabbage, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, radishes, chicken. … to make soup for the baby. Here are the ingredients and how to prepare a Japanese-style weaning menu for a 6-month-old baby:

Snakehead fish porridge

  • Prepare ingredients: 10 grams of porridge, 10 grams of snakehead fish meat, 15 grams of vegetables (you can use vegetables, spinach or pumpkin …).

  • How to prepare food for children: Prepare clean snakehead fish and then marinate it with ginger to remove the fishy smell. Steam the snakehead fish and then remove the bones and puree it with boiled vegetables. Mix fish, pureed vegetables and porridge together to be able to feed children.

Snakehead fish porridge is one of the 6-month-old Japanese foods for babies.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Pea soup

  • Prepare ingredients: 10 grams of fish, 15 grams of peas, vegetable broth.

  • How to prepare a 6-month Japanese-style weaning menu: Steam the cooked fish, then take it out, remove the bones, and puree it. Steam the peas until they are soft, then remove and puree. Mixing fish, peas, and sifted porridge with vegetable broth can be used by children.

Minced Potato Soup

  • Prepare ingredients: 1 small potato, 50g ground pork, onion, coriander

  • How to cook: Potatoes are peeled, washed and steamed, then pureed. Put the minced pork with the potato broth in a pot and bring to a boil. Then add the potatoes, bring to a boil, sprinkle some herbs and serve hot.

Minced potato soup is one of the Japanese-style weaning dishes for 6-month-old babies.  (Photo: Tieudung.vn)

Beef Pumpkin Porridge

  • Ingredients to prepare: 10 grams of beef, 10 grams of pumpkin, 10 grams of porridge, dried onions, cooking oil.

  • How to cook pumpkin beef porridge: Peel the pumpkin, diced and then boiled and pureed. Boil the beef and then mince it. Put beef, pumpkin into cooked porridge, stir well and then scoop out for children to eat.

Tofu with mixed vegetables

  • Ingredients: 15 grams of vegetables, 15 grams of tofu.

  • How to prepare: Boil vegetables and puree. Tofu does the same thing. Mix vegetables and tofu well to feed the baby.

How to make mixed vegetables tofu for kids is very simple and attractive.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Yogurt bread

  • Ingredients: 10 grams of porridge, 10 grams of bread, 10 grams of yogurt.

  • How to prepare: Put bread in boiling water until cooked, then take out. Mix well cooked bread, porridge and yogurt together to be able to feed children.

Chicken and mushroom soup

  • Ingredients: Lean chicken thighs 15g pureed, 2 shiitake mushrooms washed and pureed, 1 small wing of wood ear washed and pureed, 1-2 quail eggs separated from yolks, 1 teaspoon tapioca, 200ml filtered water.

  • How to prepare: Put the washed chicken in a pot of broth and bring to a boil. Then, add shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms and a bowl of water that has already been mixed with tapioca flour into the pot. Wait for the mixture to boil again for a few minutes and then stir in the quail egg yolks. When the chicken soup boils, turn the pot down, let it cool down for the baby to eat.

Chicken mushroom soup is rich in nutrients.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Cauliflower chicken bone soup

  • Ingredients: 10 grams of porridge, 10 grams of chicken, 10 grams of broccoli.

  • Method: Cook chicken and cauliflower. Tear the chicken and mash it with the cauliflower. Then add the chicken, cauliflower to stir with porridge, when it boils, turn off the heat and let it cool for the baby to enjoy.

Porridge with minced meat and vegetables

  • Ingredients for cooking minced meat porridge with broccoli: 10 grams of porridge, 70-100 grams of lean meat, about 7-10 leaves + broccoli buds.

  • How to cook minced meat and vegetables porridge: Wash vegetables and then puree them. Wash the pork, cut it into thin slices, then grind it into small pieces. Put the chopped vegetables and minced meat into the boil, let the porridge cool and then feed it to the baby.

Mother should add minced meat porridge with vegetables in the 6-month Japanese-style weaning menu.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Note when applying weaning menu for 6 months baby

In the process of feeding the baby in the Japanese style, in order for the baby to cooperate and provide all the necessary nutrients for the body, parents should note the following:

Pay attention to ensure adequate breast milk for the baby: When the child is 6 months old, the mother still needs to continue to breastfeed the baby in combination with eating a full range of food groups to enhance nutrition and provide antibodies. , help children gain weight and be smarter.

Besides, the mother should also eat a full and balanced diet of substances including: Fiber, vitamins and minerals, starch, drink enough 2 liters of water per day. Avoid eating processed, greasy, spicy, hot, and sour foods.

Schedule activities for 6-month-old baby with reasonable Japanese-style weaning

When the mother decides to use the Japanese-style weaning menu for her 6-month-old baby, she should organize a scientific and reasonable eating schedule. It is advisable to divide up specific meals, such as morning, lunch, afternoon,… what food will be prepared for the baby and which nutrients will be contained in those dishes.

The implementation of a reasonable 6-month-old baby’s schedule will help the baby and mother limit the lack or excess of essential nutrients.

Mothers need to schedule their 6-month-old baby's activities with reasonable and scientific Japanese-style weaning.  Photo (Collection of the Internet).

Pay attention to clean cooking utensils and baby food

Parents should disinfect and disinfect food preparation equipment for children regularly to avoid infection and harm to health. Before starting to grind baby food, parents should also wash their hands with soap to remove disease-causing bacteria and ensure food safety and hygiene.

Before and after preparing baby food, the mother needs to clean the utensils.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Puree and smooth food

In the weaning stage, especially in the early stages, because the baby does not know how to chew food, vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish need to be crushed and ground very finely, without any lumps when processing.

When grinding vegetables by machine, parents need to add some water. The best is the boiled, steamed water of the vegetable itself. This water helps retain many nutrients during the cooking process of baby food. Otherwise, you can also use cooled boiled water.

Feed your baby only small amounts when starting out

When starting to implement the Japanese-style weaning method for 5-6 months for babies, mothers should only give them 1 meal in the first 1-2 weeks. After that, it can be increased to 2 meals at weeks 3 and 4. For the rest of the day, let the mother drink breast milk or formula milk (if breast milk is not available).

Do not add seasoning to food

One of the most common mistakes when implementing the 6-month-old baby’s weaning method is adding fish sauce, salt, sugar, seasoning, and monosodium glutamate to your baby’s food. This is not recommended because in meat, fish or vegetables, tubers and fruits there is a sufficient amount of salt for the baby’s needs.

Therefore, the mother does not need to add spices to the 6-month-old Japanese-style weaning menu for her child, because it can cause the baby’s kidneys to be damaged due to overwork, the risk of rickets, anorexia, more serious, blood pressure, cancer in the future due to salty eating habits.

Doctors recommend that children under 1 year old do not need seasoning.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Mother should not force the baby to eat

Currently, many parents still have thoughts and actions that force their children to eat according to their wishes, even though their children have shown dislike, crying and resistance. However, parents do not know that doing this will lead to the following consequences:

  • Vomiting: This is one of the most common harms of children being forced to eat;

  • Forcing children to eat causes them to have aversion to food and stop eating;

  • Reduces appetite in children;

  • Create negative feelings towards food and even towards parents;

  • Creating an unhealthy and uncontrolled eating habit in children;

  • Make children picky about food.

In the process of learning Japanese-style weaning for a 6-month-old baby, the mother should not force the child to eat if the child does not cooperate.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

You should feed your baby one food at a time to get used to it

When implementing the 5-6 month Japanese weaning method in children, if the mother does not know how to properly apply the correct and regular nutrients, it may cause the child to face many obstacles in the process of physical development. quality and intelligence in the future. Therefore, when starting to eat solid foods, the mother should only let the baby get used to each type of food 1 to gradually get used to it.

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In summary, the 6-month Japanese-style weaning menu is a method to help babies get used to eating effectively, forming flexible reflexes, so many Vietnamese mothers apply. No matter what method of weaning is applied, mothers also need to pay close attention to issues related to food hygiene and provide the best nutrition for the baby. Don’t forget to follow Monkey’s articles to pocket a lot of knowledge and how to take care of the little angel!

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