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Teaching 3rd grade math to children seems to be simple, but many teachers or parents have difficulties in transmitting knowledge, making it difficult for children to understand, remember and lead to doing wrong exercises. So, in the following article, Monkey will share how to make 3rd grade math easy for children to remember and understand that parents can refer to.

Some important knowledge when teaching children to learn 3rd grade division calculus

To be able to teach children to learn 3rd grade math effectively, parents need to equip their children with the following important knowledge:

Multiplication table

One of the foundations for learning division is the multiplication table. Children will learn from 2nd grade. Therefore, parents need to regularly check whether their children have memorized the multiplication table, multiplying, dividing from 1 to 10 or not? If the child still forgets, the parents need to guide and reinforce the knowledge for the child in a timely manner.

Understand what division with remainder and divisibility

Division is a difficult calculation when children are just starting to learn and get used to math. Later on, the knowledge will be more advanced, so it is required that children master this foundation to support better math learning results, as well as effective application in practice.

In division, it will be divided into 2 types: divisibility and division with remainder, specifically:

  • Divisibility is a division with remainder 0, divisor = quotient x divisor.

  • A division with a remainder is the remainder that is always smaller than the divisor and greater than 0. Specifically divisor = quotient x divisor + remainder.

For example:

Divisibility: 6: 3 = 2 remainder 0

Division with remainder: 7 : 3 = 2 remainder 1

Therefore, parents need to explain and provide detailed instructions on how to solve all kinds of division, especially division with remainder, which will be somewhat more difficult.

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Some notes when teaching 3rd grade division math for children

Many children when learning division math in grade 3 are often confused and miscalculated, especially in division with remainder. Therefore, when parents teach their children to learn, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Need to memorize the multiplication table, division, addition, subtraction before learning the calculation.

  • When calculating division with remainder, the remainder is always smaller than the divisor.

  • If we perform the division calculation with the result 0, we can leave out 0 in the draft, but when presenting during the exercise, we need to write the number 0.

  • In the first division, you are allowed to divide by 2 digits, but in the next division, you need to follow the rule of taking each digit to divide (except in case the number being divided is smaller than the divisor).

  • In the first stage, it is necessary to put the calculation in the vertical column and do it in turn instead of the error-prone mental calculation.

  • Place the terms in the correct column of the division to avoid confusion, as well as count from left to right.

  • Each turn to perform the calculation, it is necessary to ask the child to mentally calculate 3 calculations respectively, division, multiplication and subtraction to ensure the correct result.

Method of solving math division of grade 3

For the division calculation, you can do the solution according to the following basic steps:

  • Step 1: Place the calculation in the vertical column

  • Step 2: Perform the calculation from left to right, largest to smallest units row.

  • Step 3: Check the result

To help children understand better, here are detailed examples:

Types of common division 3rd grade math exercises

In the division chapter in 3rd grade math, you will often learn and conquer the following types of exercises:

There are many types of exercises on division of 3rd grade. (Photo: internet collection)

Math form to find unknown components

This type of exercise is commonly known as the x-finding exercise. So To solve the 3rd grade math problem to find x in division, the children will have to memorize the following formula:

From the divisor formula: divisor = quotient

If x is:

Example 1: find x know

40 : x = 5

=> x = 40 : 5

=> x = 8

Example 2: Find x know

x : 5 = 8

=> x = 5 x 8

=> x = 40

Math form with words

Similar to other worded math exercises, children need to read the problem carefully, find the facts that the problem gives, the facts that are not there to find. Then summarize the problem, solve the problem and present the solution clearly.

For example: There are 31 meters of red fabric, and my mother goes to sew 3 meters of fabric for each shirt. How many shirts can be sewn at most and how many meters of fabric are left over?

Solution guide:

31 meters of red fabric can sew the number of shirts is:

31 : 3 = 10 (remainder 1 )

So with 31 meters of red fabric, 10 shirts can be made and 1 meter of fabric left over

Answer: 10 shirts, 1 meter extra fabric


In this form of exercise, you will also perform division according to the rules. Should be placed vertically, from left to right to avoid confusion.

For example:

The secret to teaching 3rd grade math for children effectively

To help children conquer 3rd grade math, parents can immediately apply the following tips that Monkey will share:

Create fun and excitement for your baby when learning math with Monkey Math

Math in general, knowledge of division in particular for children in grade 3 will be a bit difficult, as well as if there is no suitable learning method, it is easy for children to get bored quickly, limiting their ability to absorb.

So, if parents do not have a lot of time, experience and appropriate teaching methods outside of their child’s classroom learning, then Monkey Math is a reliable companion for you to choose to support your child’s learning. best baby.

Learn math with your child in a fun and effective way with Monkey Math.  (Photo: Monkey)

This is an online bilingual math teaching application, developed by Monkey for preschool and primary school children, with content that follows the latest educational program in the direction of capacity development. This helps to support and improve the child’s ability to learn math in class and practice more effectively.

Along with that, Monkey Math is also highly appreciated by many parents for possessing many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Lesson content is taught in the form of videos, funny cartoon images, so it increases the ability to absorb, remember and enjoy learning more.

  • More than 400 lessons are followed by more than 60 math topics from arithmetic, geometry, measurement … personalized each lesson to help create the most solid math foundation for children in all knowledge.

  • Lessons are divided into 4 levels from easy to difficult, making it easy for parents to choose lessons suitable for the age and ability of their children.

  • Monkey Math offers more than 10,000 interactive activities for children to play and learn at the same time. Contributing to increasing the love and excitement of learning math and stimulating thinking and creativity of children effectively.

  • Provide additional supplementary exercise books for children to learn, practice, and practice to increase observation, calculation and thinking ability.

  • The content is taught in English, but with clear illustrations, so it helps children learn foreign languages ​​naturally.

  • There is a short study time limit, ensuring that the child does not get too hung up on the phone device, avoiding affecting health.

With only 2,000 VND/day, but Monkey Math promises to bring great values ​​to the children’s math learning process, as well as parents will be more relaxed when teaching their children to study.

Teach your child the ability to concentrate when learning 3rd grade division math

For children in grade 3, they are still quite young, so their ability to concentrate is still poor. Therefore, if the learning process is not focused, it is easy to affect the learning efficiency, as well as form bad habits in the development process.

Therefore, parents need to encourage their children to focus more in the process of learning math. Do not study for too long, just focusing on studying for 20-30 minutes will be more effective than studying without leaving anything behind. Along with that, you should diversify types of exercises, combine visual teaching, games … to help your child focus and feel excited when learning math.

How to teach smart 3rd grade division math with mind maps

To help children easily sequence the knowledge they have learned, as well as how to solve division, parents can guide them to build a colorful mind map of their own.

Here, the largest branch can be the division, then split into small branches such as division with remainder, divisibility, in each small branch there will be a smaller branch… When learning according to this diagram, it will ensure Children understand knowledge, easily absorb, remember and stimulate their thinking ability better.

3rd grade math mind map. (Photo: Collected internet)

Expose your child to the types of 3rd grade math exercises that are suitable for your child

In division math, there will be many different types of exercises from basic 3rd grade math to advanced. Therefore, parents need to know their child’s learning ability so that they can let them learn from the knowledge they can and then go to advanced 3rd grade math.

For example, at first, children should learn about divisibility, until they understand and then move on to division with remainder. At the same time, it is necessary to ask your child to solve each step in detail, read the question carefully, and do not rush to avoid making wrong results.

Apply quick division tips

While learning math, there will often be quick calculation tips that parents should learn to help their child solve math faster and more accurately. So, here are some tips for solving division so that parents can guide their children in learning:

Learn and apply tips to teach children to divide math. (Photo: Collected internet)

  • In the division with the largest remainder, we can add 1 unit to the divisor. At this point, the division will become a division where the quotient will increase by 1.

  • If we consider division with remainder, the general form is a : b = c ( remainder d ). At this point, the divisor is equal to the trader by the divisor plus the balance. b = cxa + d

  • Any division divided by 3 has a remainder, the remainder will usually be equal to the sum of those numbers added and divided by 3. For example: 578 : 3 has remainder 2, 5 + 7 + 8 = 20 : 3 also has remainder 2

  • If the division by 5 has a remainder, then the remainder will also be the same as the remainder of the units digit divided by 5. For example: 597 : 5 has a remainder 2, 7 :5 also has a remainder of 2.

Math exercises for grade 3 division for children to practice

Below Monkey will summarize some 3rd grade math division exercises for children to practice:

Lesson 1: Calculate

a) 222 : 3

b) 45 : 6

c) 98 : 3

d) 665 : 5

e) 347 : 6

Lesson 2: Find x, know:

x : 9 = 54

32 : x = 23

553 : x = 79

x : 5 + 9 x 3 = 104

22 : (x : 2) = 22

Exercise 3: Find y in division, whose divisor is the largest 2 digit number with a quotient of 7 and a remainder less than quotient 6.

Lesson 4: Let a number know that the number is divided by 9, the quotient is 45 and remainder 2. If the number is divided by 7, what is the result?

Lesson 5: A medium-sized bus can carry 30 passengers, a small bus can carry 8 passengers, and a large bus can carry 52 passengers. How many full-size buses are needed to carry all passengers of 8 full-size minibuses and 13 full-size medium buses (Southeast Asia Olympic contest)

Lesson 6: Calculating the value of expression

a) 123 – 72 : 6 =

b) 100 + 95 : 5 =

c) (123 + 77) : 3 =

d) (96 : 6) + (98 : 7) =

e) (96 : 3) + (25 : 5) =

Lesson 7: Calculate then calculate

a) 96 : 9

b) 52: 4

c) 63 : 5

d) 75 : 6

e) 87 : 7

f) 92 : 3

Lesson 8: There are 34 meters of fabric, 3 meters of fabric for each outfit. How many such clothes can be sewn at most and how many meters of fabric are left over?

Lesson 9: A shop has 475 kg of eight fragrant rice packed in small bags, each bag of 7 kg. What is the least amount of rice needed to hold all that rice?

Lesson 10: The tourist group has 40 people and wants to rent a car with 7 seats. How many cars of that type should be rented at least to carry all the passengers?

Lesson 11: Find him to know

a) yx 4 = 156

b) y : 5 = 45

c) 7: y = 470

d) yx 3 = 87

e) yx 7 = 245

Lesson 12: What is the minimum number of boats needed to carry all 77 people of the group across the river, knowing that each boat can only seat at most 8 people, including the boatman?

Lesson 13: A 74 liter barrel of oil is divided equally into 5 small oil cans. How many liters of oil does each can hold? How many liters of oil are left in the oil tank?

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Above are the knowledge and guidelines for teaching 3rd grade math so that parents can apply and support to teach their children to study better. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have enough experience and knowledge to help your child understand math and help him conquer the exercise to get the best results.

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