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Breast milk is an essential source of nutrition for infants to help them stay healthy and grow rapidly. Therefore, when the body loses milk, less milk production has caused many mothers to become worried and always want to find a way to overcome. So how to get breast milk? Let’s find out with Monkey right in the article below.

The reason why mothers after giving birth have less milk

Before learning how to have breast milk, mothers need to understand the causes of this condition. Here are 5 common reasons why mothers have less milk and milk loss:

Nutrition is not guaranteed

The first reason why mothers produce less milk after giving birth is because the mother’s body is not provided with enough nutrients. When the mother is not provided with adequate nutrition, it will cause the mother’s body to become weak and take a long time to recover. At the same time, they also make the mother produce less milk, the milk does not guarantee the delicious, fresh and rich in nutrients to nourish the baby. In addition, the mother’s lack of milk after giving birth can also be caused by eating bad foods such as: cabbage, guava leaves, bamboo shoots, parsley, instant noodles, alcohol, …

Bad heathy

After giving birth, the mother will often feel tired and exhausted because the body has not fully recovered and has to stay up at night to take care of the baby. This has made the mother’s body as well as the mother’s health not as healthy as before, leading to poor milk secretion.

Poor health makes the amount of breast milk secreted poorly (Image: Internet Collection)

Mental decline

Breast milk production is influenced by two hormones, Prolactin and Oxytocin. When the mother is stressed, prolonged stress will cause these two hormones to decrease. In the long run, if the mother is not treated in time, it will make breast milk less and even cause milk loss.

Postpartum depression makes the mother's milk glands less effective (Image: Internet Collection)

Postpartum endocrine disorders

After giving birth, mothers often have endocrine disorders that affect milk production hormones including estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. When these hormones are changed, it will slow down the lactation process, causing the mother to produce less milk than enough for the baby to suckle.

Postpartum hormonal disorders cause mothers to produce less milk, even lose milk (Photo: Internet Collection)

Breastfeeding the wrong way

Improper breastfeeding is also a common cause of breast milk loss. Common mistakes when breastfeeding include: the baby latches too close or too far from the nipple, the mother feeds the baby at the same time on both sides, uneven sucking on both sides, …

The mother breastfeeding the baby in the wrong way makes the breast milk easily blocked (Image: Internet Collection)

How to get breast milk?

Loss of milk directly affects breastfeeding, making the mother not have enough milk to nourish the baby. Therefore, when the milk is blocked or milk is lost, the mother can immediately apply the following ways to call for milk.

Breastfeeding soon after birth

Right after the baby is born, the mother should breastfeed the baby soon, because at this time, the mother’s body secretes colostrum very well. When the baby suckles, the mother’s nipples will be massaged to help stimulate the secretion of more oxytocin to call milk back continuously.

Breastfeeding early to stimulate mammary glands to produce more milk (Photo: Internet Collection)

Increase milk supply by breastfeeding regularly

In order for the body to have milk continuously, to prevent blockage of the mother’s rays, the baby should be breastfed regularly every day. According to the doctor’s recommendation, mothers should breastfeed their babies every 2 hours. If the baby sleeps for more than 3 hours without waking up, the mother should wake the baby up.

Breastfeed your baby regularly to stimulate milk (Photo: Internet Collection)

Breast massage

How to get breast milk? Breast massage is a way to make the milk ducts dilate, helping the milk flow faster, stimulating the body to produce more milk. In particular, breast massage also contributes to the prevention of breast cancer, blocked milk ducts, breast tumors and breast abscesses quite well. The method of this method is very simple, just dip a washcloth in warm water for about 2 minutes and then place the towel on your breasts. Then, the mother conducts a gentle massage by taking 5 fingers together to move in a clockwise direction. Mother can apply this massage regularly 2-4 times, about 10 minutes each time. After the breast massage, the mother can drink another glass of warm milk to make the milk come back faster.

How to have breast milk - Breast massage (Photo: Internet Collection)

Boost milk with a breast pump

Using a milking machine is one of the most effective ways to stimulate milk production for mothers with low milk production. However, mothers need to follow this method according to the diet to ensure the most milk. For the best effect, the mother should smoke at least 8 times every 2-3 hours and each session should not exceed 30 minutes. Mothers can refer to the breast pump schedule as follows: 6-9-12-15-18-21-24-3-6 hours excluding day and night. At night, you can relax your baby by feeding your baby so that you have plenty of time to rest.

The method of stimulating milk with a breast pump requires patience, especially in the first few days. At first, breast milk will come in quite a bit, but if expressed regularly and at the right time, the amount of milk will gradually increase. After a period of time, the amount of milk has gradually stabilized, the mother can relax slowly. Specifically, every day, the mother should smoke 4-5 times and each time is 4-5 hours apart. If the baby is not full, the mother can use a pump to pump out some milk, put it in a milk storage bag and store it in the refrigerator for the next feeding.

Stimulate milk, unclog mammary glands with a breast pump (Photo: Internet Collection)

Constantly cuddling and being close to children

The fact that mother and baby often cuddle and close contact with each other can help mothers stimulate milk. Because cuddling gestures with the baby will make the mother’s brain direct to stimulate the reflex and the milk production mechanism. Thanks to this, the mother’s milk glands are always active continuously, helping the mother to have more milk for the baby every day.

Frequent cuddling with babies can help mothers increase milk effectively (Photo: Internet Collection)

Rest in moderation

Stress and physical fatigue will make the hormone Prolactin less effective in regulating lactation. If this situation persists without being overcome soon, it will cause milk loss, less milk. So to ensure the milk supply for breastfeeding, the mother should rest, keep the spirit happy and comfortable, do not worry too much. In the course of daily activities, mothers should share the work with her husband and other relatives to have more time to rest. At the same time, after giving birth, the mother should avoid activities and hard work so as not to make the body lose strength.

Moderate rest helps the situation of milk loss, less breast milk to be improved quickly (Photo: Internet Collection)

Add dairy foods

In order for the mammary glands to produce milk effectively, enough milk to meet the needs of the baby, the mother should supplement with enough food. Because when the body absorbs enough nutrients, it will help improve health, support to stimulate more milk production. The mother’s postpartum diet should be provided with adequate substances such as proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals. In particular, the mother should supplement the following dairy foods: stewed pork leg with green papaya, stewed goat’s leg with peanuts, beef jerky soup, beef bone soup with red bean stew…

Supplementing milk-friendly foods so that mothers always have enough milk for their babies (Photo: Internet Collection)

Tips to increase milk by folk for nursing mothers

In addition to healthy living habits, mothers can stimulate milk to breastfeed with some of the following folk tips:

Stimulate milk for mothers after giving birth with jackfruit leaves

In oriental medicine, jackfruit leaves are a fragrant, non-toxic medicine that helps cure many diseases, especially milk stimulation. In folklore, there are 3 ways to treat blocked milk ducts: brushing your breasts with jackfruit leaves, applying hot jackfruit leaves and drinking jackfruit leaf juice. Mothers can do the following ways to unclog milk ducts with jackfruit leaves:

Method 1: Treat blocked milk ducts by applying hot jackfruit leaves

Preparation: A piece of cloth and some fresh jackfruit leaves


  • Clean and then drain the jackfruit leaves.

  • Heat jackfruit leaves in front of the fire or gas stove until the leaves are hot.

  • Use warm water to clean your breasts

  • Mother used the prepared cloth to wrap the jackfruit leaves and then cover it around the chest area, except for the nipple. Or you can also apply jackfruit leaves directly to your breasts if you are familiar.

  • Mother should pay attention to apply in the erection areas for a long time.

  • When the jackfruit leaves are no longer hot, take them out and use another leaf to heat them up again

Note: Each time you apply the mask, you should do it for 15-30 minutes and do it continuously for 3 days to see a noticeable effect.

Method 2: Brush your chest with jackfruit leaf juice

Preparation: Jackfruit leaves, a small bowl of filtered water and a comb.


  • Take the jackfruit leaves to wash and then drain. Then the mother put the jackfruit leaves and a bowl of water into the pot to boil until it boils for about 3-5 minutes, then turn off the heat.

  • When the juice of jackfruit leaves has cooled down, use a comb to dip it into the pot of cooked water and brush it on the breast. When being a mother, you should manipulate gently so as not to hurt your nipples.

Note: To achieve the best effect, you should do this method 2-3 times a day, do so for 3 consecutive days. At the same time, before becoming a mother, you should check the jackfruit juice with your hands to avoid burning the breast skin.

Method 3: Use jackfruit leaf juice

  • Wash the jackfruit leaves and put them in a pot to boil with 1.5 liters of filtered water.

  • When the water has boiled, turn down the heat and continue to boil for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat, let the essence of the jackfruit leaves disperse into the water.

  • Pour water into a thermos and use during the day instead of filtered water.

Note: For better effect, mother should drink jackfruit leaves while still warm, and drink continuously for 3-5 days.

Unblocking milk ducts, stimulating the production of more milk for mothers with jackfruit leaves (Photo: Internet Collection)

Drinking tea has beneficial effects on milk

According to Oriental medicine, white tea is an ingredient capable of helping mothers to produce milk and stabilize daily milk production. Because in tea contains bitter glycosides – substances capable of helping mothers eat more delicious. When the mother eats well, it will contribute to the mother’s body to stimulate and increase milk production for breastfeeding. Mothers can use white tea to help promote milk in the following ways:

Dry tea

  • Step 1: Mom took about 50g of dried tea, washed it to remove all grit, dirt and impurities.

  • Step 2: Bring to cook with 2 liters of water within 15 minutes so that the nutrients in the tea are secreted.

  • Step 3: You should pour the tea into the thermos and enjoy it while the tea is still warm.

High tea

You just need to cut 1 piece of tea extract according to the dosage instructions of the manufacturer and mix it with 2 liters of boiling water. You can use it instead of tea every day, note that you should not drink it on an empty stomach.

Milk tea helps mothers benefit milk, stabilize the amount of milk for the baby (Photo: Internet Collection)

Use dandelion leaves

In traditional medicine, dandelion leaves are cold, bitter and sweet with excellent detoxifying effects. This leaf can cure boils, ulcers, gastritis and blocked milk ducts very effectively. Because dandelion leaves contain many minerals and vitamins such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, B1, B6, … When taking dandelion leaves after giving birth, it will help mothers have more milk, not worry about lack of milk. baby milk. Mothers can treat clogged milk with dandelion leaves by doing the following:

  • Step 1: Prepare about 30g of fresh dandelion leaves, then wash and drain.

  • Step 2: Tear the dandelion leaves, add a few grains of salt to the mortar and then crush it or put it in a blender to puree.

  • Step 3: Squeeze the dandelion leaves to get water to drink, the rest of the residue is placed on the chest for about an hour to help clear milk. You can use a gauze bandage or use a soft handkerchief to fix it.

  • Step 4: After applying, use warm water to clean your breasts.

Cure clogged milk ducts with dandelion leaves (Photo: Internet Collection)

So with the information, the mother must have known the answer to the question of how to have breast milk. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies, so take good care of yourself to ensure a stable milk flow. Wish you and your baby always healthy, have a meaningful journey of motherhood, full of joy.

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