Lil Kani là ai? Sự nghiệp của nữ Rapper tài năng trong giới Underground

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Lil Kani the name is too familiar to those of the first generation of the underground. She is known as the generation with cult names like Suboi, Kimmese. Not only has a musical talent, but Lil Kani also has a respectable academic record. Join CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN GIÁO DỤC LASTING to find out who Lil Kani is? Begin.

Who is Lil Kani?

Lil Kani is one of the female rappers of Vietnam. She is a face that is both familiar and strange, both familiar with the first generation of 9x, and strange compared to today’s young people. However, Lil Kani’s recent comeback through the song Can’t Isolation and Tich Tinh Tinh Tang has made this rapper famous in the Vietnamese underground music scene.

Biography, background of Lil Kani

Real name: Nguyen Thuy Hang
Stage name: Kani Cave, Lil Kani
Date of birth: August 13, 1989
Hometown: Hanoi
Height: Updating
Weight: Updating
Job: Rapper, Freelancer operates in 3 fields: education, marketing – media and music.
Facebook: Hang Kani (Lil Kani)
Instagram: hangkani
Youtube: LiL’kAnI


Lil Kani is an extremely talented person. She has a good ability to write music along with a passion that has been nurtured since childhood, so she has gradually made a name for herself in the music market. But she did not always focus on developing a singing career.

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She chooses to balance her studies and musical activities. This is also one of the reasons why she is not as famous as her peers. However, her achievements in life are enough to make others admire.

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Lil Kani’s Journey to Rap.

Lil Kani has known rap since she was a child, that was when she was in middle school. First, she joined the fanclub of HOT group in Hanoi. After a while, she started participating in the Rapclub forum. This is also the first Rap / Hiphop club in Hanoi.


At first, Lil Kani was mainly “self-advocacy” without love to teach. The songs are inspired and the lyrics are catchy and match the beat so it’s rap. Her debut song is TA 4eva. Behind the song, this is a gift she gave to her high school friend who passed away from cancer. Lil Kani used this song to perform a performance at the stage of Rap Club’s first Rap competition.

With a strong and personal voice, this female rapper has released many music products. There are also a number of songs that chart high in the rap charts. Some of the featured songs include:

  • Hot
  • Warm Sunshine Love
  • Lost of love
  • Where to go
  • I’m in love
  • Bay -Lil Kani
  • The love songs
  • Love In My Life 2014
  • Some
  • say make friends
  • much love


On the rise of success, the rapper focused on his studies. The image of this girl rarely appears, making everyone regret it.

Return of Lil Kani

Just recently in 2020, she came back and debuted. She confirmed who the name Lil Kani is in the hearts of the audience. Especially with the work “Can’t Be Isolated”, which helped coo create a highlight in his music career. The idea of ​​this song comes from stories during the Covid-19 pandemic.


This community work has successfully made an impression on the audience. Even the news bulletin of Vietnam TV channel VTV1 also honored her MV. And her image was also mentioned in a series of newspapers.

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Along with Can’t Be Isolated, she collaborated with her friends to produce the work “Trinh Tinh Duong”. The sound from typical traditional ethnic instruments such as zither, flute, and lute blends with the typical Rap style to create a unique musical product.


It can be seen that Lil Kani’s music products are not many, but in each song, she puts all her heart into performing. And each of her works has a story conveyed to the audience, a meaningful value to share with listeners. That’s why Lil Kani is loved by everyone.

Lil Kani’s remarkable achievement.

As a child, she had to “struggle” with her family to be able to pursue an artistic path. However, in the end, she chose to attend the Department of English, University of Commerce and FPT-Arena. After finishing her studies, she started a Marketing internship at a Hong Kong-based French startup. With her performance, she conquered the admissions committee to receive a scholarship for a Master of Marketing Administration at Solbridge International Business School, Korea.


After graduating with a master’s degree, Lil Kani was retained by the school to work as Regional Director, International Cooperation Department. She took a job and worked here for 3 years before returning home. And when she returned to Vietnam, she also worked in the field of education and training.

Besides, she also has remarkable achievements such as: Representing Vietnam to participate in the prestigious youth exchange program “Train of Southeast Asian Youth – Japan” (SSEAYP) passing through 5 countries, receiving the award. prize. fully insured by Japanese & ASEAN governments (2016); Typical member of the Vietnamese student union in Korea VSAK. Won many awards in art festivals (2011-2013); Chairman of MyHanoi Socio-Cultural Club.

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Lil Kani and everyday life

Most people don’t know that in real life, Lil Kani once had a gap-year (Gap year is a holiday lasting about 12 months, during which time people will temporarily put aside their studies, books, … aside to make other plans for self-improvement). skills and knowledge).

At this time, Lil Kani is 27 years old. She used a year of sabbatical to visit 14 countries. And more specifically, it is more than 3,200km across Vietnam by motorbike. This time has made it possible for her to do more.


Regarding her private life, there is a little-known news about Lil Kani. She and Rhymastic were previously romantically involved. However, not long after, this relationship also ended. Currently, she has a happy life with her husband and children.

Above is the information that CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN GIÁO DỤC LASTING has compiled about who is Lil Kani? Through this, you probably already know the stories surrounding this talented female singer. And to keep up to date with the latest celebrity news and events, don’t forget to follow us.

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