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Blocked milk duct is a common condition of many mothers after giving birth. This condition not only causes pain and discomfort, but also affects the breastfeeding process. So what causes many mothers to have clogged milk? How to remedy this situation for mothers? Follow the next article to learn more details!

What is a milk duct?

Blocked milk ducts can be roughly understood as blocked milk ducts. It occurs during breastfeeding when the milk ducts become blocked or blocked. At this point, it will prevent breast milk from flowing to your nipples, making it impossible for breast milk to come out.

In addition, a woman’s breast contains many milk ducts, which form an internal network. These ducts carry milk from the breast tissue to the nipple. A blocked milk duct causes a red, tender, and painful lump in your breast. It can lead to infection, so it’s important to know the signs of a blocked milk duct and how to treat it at home.

Warning signs that the mother is blocked milk ducts

Each mother has a unique body and body, so the signs of blocked milk ducts in each mother will also be different. However, diaper mothers still have some common signs to recognize such as:

  • Milk is not secreted or secreted very little even though the mother uses every means to express and suck

  • Breasts are always tight, hot and uncomfortable.

  • When touching the breast, you can feel many lumps due to the curdled milk.

  • Chest tightness, pain, discomfort

When these signs are present, mothers can breastfeed their babies more often or use a breast pump to pump more often to improve. However, if mothers do nothing and let this situation last for a long time, it can make mothers more sore, tired, reduced milk production and even milk loss.

Mothers can recognize blocked milk through the condition of the breasts being swollen, painful, hot and tight (Photo: Internet Collection)

5+ Causes of blocked milk ducts

There are many reasons why many mothers have blocked milk ducts, such as:

Mother’s milk comes a lot

The amount of milk secreted in each mother is different, so there are many cases where the mother’s milk is too much but the baby does not finish it, causing excess and accumulation in the breast. Or it may be because the mother does not express or does not express enough milk, causing a lot of milk to accumulate in the milk ducts.

A lot of residual milk and a constant amount of new milk production will make this situation more serious. When breast milk is not expressed for a long time, it may clump leading to blocked milk ducts, which is also a common cause that many diaper mothers encounter.

A lot of breast milk, but the babies don't finish it, it also causes mothers to get clogged (Photo: Internet Collection)

Breastfeeding improperly

When the mother breastfeeds the baby but the baby does not latch properly, the baby does not suckle all the breast milk secreted. This will cause the mother to have excess and stagnation, which will eventually cause blocked milk ducts.

Mom wears bra the wrong way

After giving birth, the breasts of diaper mothers will not stop producing and secreting milk for nursing babies, so they will often be tight. Therefore, when mothers wear bras that are too tight or too tight, the mother’s ink will be squeezed, affecting the milk ducts. At this time, the ducts will be easily pinched, causing blockage, preventing milk from circulating and leading to blocked milk ducts.

Mother does not perform breast pump

When the baby suckles directly but does not suckle the secreted milk and the mother does not proceed to pump, it will cause the milk to accumulate in the breast. At the same time, if the baby is not breastfed and the mother also pumps milk regularly every 5 hours, it will also cause blockage and blockage of milk ducts.

Mom is under prolonged stress

The mood of mothers after giving birth can also directly affect the milk production for babies. If mothers are stressed, prolonged stress may be more prone to clogged milk or worse, may lose milk. Because the postpartum period, a mother’s life has many big changes, and especially for first-time mothers, this is more likely to happen.

Prolonged stress and fatigue are the causes of many mothers' milk problems today (Photo: Internet Collection)

Is blocked milk duct dangerous?

Blocked milk ducts are a common symptom in postpartum mothers, but if not treated promptly, it can lead to many health problems. Some serious problems that diaper mothers can face such as mastitis leading to infection or breast abscess. Prolonged abscesses can transform into fibrous bands or fibroadenomas of the breast.

A breast abscess is formed from a pus-filled sac from the body’s natural immune system. The pus in the abscess is a mixture of many white blood cells, dead cells, and dead bacteria. The sign to recognize a breast abscess is to see a soft, swollen, red hot mass that is painful to the touch.

Severe cases of clogged milk can cause mothers to have an abscess or even mastitis (Photo: Internet Collection)

3+ Effective treatment for blocked milk ducts

Blocked milk duct is a condition that mothers need to solve quickly to avoid prolonged pain as well as affect the milk supply of the baby. Here are some effective treatments for blocked milk ducts that mothers can refer to:

Practice breastfeeding properly

Breastfeeding regularly and properly will also help mothers effectively unblock milk ducts. When breastfeeding, care should be taken to ensure that the baby latches on correctly so that the baby can get more milk. At the same time, the mother should also change many positions when breastfeeding so that milk is released evenly and does not cause blockage in some areas.

Regular breast massage

One of the effective ways to treat blocked milk ducts is to use your hands to massage your breasts regularly. Mothers just need to gently massage, spread evenly over the blocked milk area. When massaging, mothers should massage from the blocked area towards the nipple, Or mothers can use their fingers to pinch around the areola or use the palms to gently massage both breasts.

Breast massage every day will be able to help mothers effectively channel milk (Image: Internet Collection)

Perform the method of pumping milk

In order to reduce the pain and tightness of the breasts due to clogged milk, mothers should pump milk regularly according to the feeding time and after each feeding to drain the excess milk. At the same time, the mother needs to suck the correct number of feedings of the baby and each sucking should last from 15-20 minutes to get more milk.

Once the milk has stopped flowing, the mother can hold the machine for a few more minutes to stimulate the milk better. Mothers should also limit pumping for too long to damage the nipples.

Folk tips to effectively cure blocked milk ducts

In addition to the above methods, mothers can apply some folk tips to effectively treat blocked milk such as:

Use purple onions

In the human world, people often use purple onions to help mothers cure clogged milk ducts. The steps are quite simple, the mother just needs to take the sliced ​​purple onion and then apply it to the breast, leaving the nipple out.

After covering the onion, the mothers covered it with a thin towel and bandaged it. Repeat the application of onion twice a day and combined with breast massage, the condition of blocked milk ducts will be improved after 4-5 days.

Apply purple onions is an effective folk trick to help mothers cure clogged milk ducts (Photo: Internet Collection)

Drink leaf juice

Mothers with blocked milk ducts will be advised to use dandelion leaves and dandelion leaves to cook drinking water to unclog milk ducts. After picking dandelion leaves and cloves, they are washed and cooked as filtered water every day. Mothers should drink water when yin for better effect.

Put jackfruit leaves on your chest

Using jackfruit leaves to treat clogged milk ducts is also a well-known and effective folk trick. According to the experience of many predecessors, if the mother has a blocked milk duct, she should pick 18 jackfruit leaves to heat and apply on both breasts. When applying leaves, mothers should pay attention to apply them to the hardest places on the chest because this is the location where the milk ducts are blocked the most.

After applying jackfruit leaves, mothers should gently massage both breasts with their hands and try to see if there is any milk flow and repeat this movement many times until there is milk for the baby to suckle. After feeding the baby, the mother should continue to massage the breast to completely unblock the milk duct.

Heating jackfruit leaves and applying them to the chest will help mothers improve their clogged milk ducts (Photo: Internet Collection)

Use perilla leaves

Not only used as a vegetable in meals, perilla is also an effective folk remedy for blocked milk ducts. Fresh perilla after picking, the mothers washed, crushed, squeezed the water and put the residue on the chest, leaving the nipple. Then, use a clean cloth to fix the leaves on the chest for 30 minutes.

Repeating the application of leaves 2-3 times within 4 days will help mothers relieve pain and effectively unblock milk ducts.

Use loofah

In Oriental medicine, melon has a sweet and average nature that is often used to detoxify, clear the meridians and unclog milk in lactating women. Mothers can take the loofah from the dried old loofah, remove the seeds and flesh and dry it. Once dried, the mother cuts it into small pieces and cooks it with water to drink every day.

In addition, you can combine loofah, fresh onions and locust thorns to cook drinking water to unclog milk ducts.

Using loofah to cook drinking water every day can also cure clogged milk for diaper mothers (Photo: Internet Collection)

Note when applying the treatment of blocked milk ducts

With simple folk methods and tips, mothers can easily treat blocked milk ducts at home. However, when applying the above measures, mothers need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Each diaper mother will have a different body and condition, so it is necessary to consider carefully before applying the above measures.

  • When applying any method, mothers need to be persistent and perform regularly to bring the best results.

  • If after trying the above measures but still not getting the desired effect, you can visit your doctor for examination and treatment.

  • When applying the above measures, but if you feel itchiness, pain, discomfort, you should stop the treatment immediately.

When applying measures to cure clogged milk but have abnormal signs, mothers should stop immediately (Photo: Internet Collection)

Guidelines to prevent clogged milk ducts effectively

Blocked milk ducts are very common in many mothers and are a condition that causes pain and discomfort during breastfeeding. However, mothers can still prevent it by some ways such as:

Breastfeeding after birth as soon as possible

Breastfeeding as soon as possible will help mothers release colostrum as quickly, limiting stagnation of milk. To make milk come back faster, before feeding, mothers can use a warm towel to gently massage the breasts. At the same time, when feeling that the breast is stretched immediately, the mother should have the baby suckle right on the stretched breast and pay attention to the sucking position so that the baby latches on the right joint.

After the baby is finished nursing, mothers can use a breast pump to pump out the excess milk to prevent blocked milk ducts.

Breastfeeding right after birth will help mothers return milk faster and effectively limit lactation (Photo: Internet Collection)

Set up a mode of rest

Rest mode also significantly affects the condition of mothers’ milk duct blockage. Mothers need to have a proper rest and feeding regime, need to get enough sleep and take advantage of sleep when they have time. Mothers also need to share less childcare chores with their husbands and families to have more time to take care of themselves.

Minimize stress

When the mother is stressed, the pituitary gland secretes the hormone prolactin to regulate lactation, resulting in blocked milk ducts or loss of milk. Therefore, in the postpartum period, mothers need to keep themselves mentally comfortable, limit anxiety and stress.

Scientific nutrition

In order to produce more milk for the baby and restore the body after birth, the mother needs to supplement the body with adequate nutrients. Mothers should build a scientific, healthy diet rich in nutrients such as protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals. At each meal, mothers need to eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits, fiber and dairy foods such as papaya stewed pork soup, beef spinach soup, red bean stewed bone soup, …

A scientific and nutritious diet will help the mother recover her body and produce more milk (Photo: Internet Collection)

Blocked milk ducts is one of the big problems of many mothers in the process of taking care of their baby after birth. Because it not only causes pain and discomfort for mothers, but it can also affect the milk supply of the baby. Therefore, to be able to raise healthy children and adults, mothers need to prevent and overcome the symptoms of blocked milk ducts very well. Wishing all mothers a successful and happy parenting journey.

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