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The best proverbs and proverbs about mothers in 2022

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My mother is the one who takes care of me from food to clothing. There are no words that can fully describe the merits of a mother, a mother who is willing to sacrifice her health and youth to take care of her children. On the same topic as mentioned, ThuThuatPhanMem will join you to learn the best motherly proverbs and proverbs below.

  1. Because I live, my mother is always busy Because of her children but happy, she carries so much pain.
  2. I’ve gone all my human life I haven’t gone all my mother’s lullabies.
  3. Orphaned father, eat rice and fish Orphaned mother lying in bed.
  4. Mother is as old as a ripe banana. The wind shakes her mother and loses her orphaned child.
  5. Thank you very much! Mother’s meaning is equal to heaven, nine months of rearing.
  6. How many arduous years, Mother has always single-mindedly raised her children to be human.
  7. Look at me, idiot. I look back at my man.
  8. Tonight I sleep in Mother is the wind to my life.
  9. At night, I light up the sky lantern. Pray for your parents to be with you forever.
  10. The East Sea is sometimes full, but the hearts of parents, the sky and the sea rise.

The East Sea is sometimes full, but the hearts of parents, the sea and sky rise.

  1. Herons, performing, bringing rain. My mother raised them during the four windy seasons.
  2. Mother is also a flower paradise, Father is also a diamond.
  3. Can anyone count why? Who can count the merits of the old mother.
  4. Hungry to eat datesLeave rice for mother, old mother with weak teeth.
  5. The alley stood the next afternoon. Looking back at the motherland, my heart aches in an afternoon.
  6. I coughed, my mother’s heart was broken, I trembled in her lap like a pot of boiling water.
  7. The father and mother are grateful to the teacher. The next day, when they grow up, they are grateful to the deep sea.
  8. Don’t worry about raising children, where the mother lies wet, where the roller is dry.
  9. Experiencing death and death The old mother lived peacefully with her children.
  10. Old mother with a sun and two dew Spread your body to shade your road.
  11. The father’s father is like the mountain in the sky, The mother’s meaning is like the east sea. The mountains are high, the sea is wide. Nine words in the heart!
  12. Mothers raise children to grow up in the sea and lakes Adoption is calculated in months and days.
  13. You can only feel it when you do it. Raise a child to know a good mother.
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When you grow up, you will know that you are young and tall.  Only by raising children will you know the gratitude of a gentle mother.

  1. Rich mother, difficult children, no children.
  2. Mother and father shoulder the sacrifice. Parents forget themselves for their children.
  3. Get paid for your dad,Thanks my mom, I’m getting married.
  4. Where will the old mother go? Who will fix the tilted pillow, who will offer the cup of tea?
  5. Even though I have traveled all over the world, my father and mother are incomparable.
  6. Cultivation is not equal to cultivation at home, Worshiping parents, new parents.
  7. Old mother in thatched hut,Visit early in the evening for a new womb.
  8. Father is the pollen in the middle of life A mother’s love shines from the heart of a child.
  9. A gift that nourishes life, but I write it down, meaning is a lifetime that I will never forget.
  10. A thousand years my hair still flies, A mother’s love for a thousand years lives forever in me.

Mother's hair for thousands of years still flies Mother's love for thousands of years lives in me

  1. A mother’s heart is like a bowl full of water, May she grow up, how is this grace calculated?
  2. Those who say that the mother is like a child, in fact, the mother is older.
  3. Poor mother leaking thatched roof in the rain Experiencing many misfortunes and hardships.
  4. Threading a needle through sadness, Mom sat and patched all her life.
  5. A mother can take care of ten children. But ten children cannot feed their mother.
  6. Although far from the East Sea, Mother’s love fills the ocean.
  7. Father was a burden for a lifetime, Mother lost his leg for a lifetime.
  8. I don’t even know if I’m lucky or not, When my mother died, I regretted my days as a child.
  9. Going around the world, there is no one like his mother. No one is more difficult than his father.
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Traveling around the world, no one can compare with mother Life is harder and more burdensome than father.

  1. There is one more person, the earth is packed, The world lacks a mother full of tears.
  2. Holding a fishing rod upside down, Cooking vegetable soup to feed an elderly mother.
  3. A father’s father is like a mountain, and a mother’s meaning is like water from a source.
  4. The old mother is like the moonlight, Lightly illuminating the steps of a gentle child.
  5. Grateful nine-word island Three years of nurturing so much love.
  6. One flower fades, another blooms, I lost my mother and couldn’t find it.
  7. Hold your child and count the stars. Counting forever is a long life.
  8. Even though you grow up, you are still my mother’s child. Gone, still in my mother’s womb.
  9. Quietly look at the hair like dew. Start brushing but love the old mother.
  10. Late at night, the moon falls on the bridge, Because children and parents are exposed to the sun and rain.
  11. Birds are easy to calculate feathers, Raising children is easy to tell the days.

Birds are easy to calculate feathers.  It's easy to raise children.  It's easy to count days and days

  1. Who shares sorrow, My mother carries the sunset alone.
  2. I miss you leaning on the door to wait, Dry eyes look at me with tears.
  3. The road is full of bitterness, Where to raise children, not to mention the difficult days.

Songs and proverbs about mother not only awaken the religion of being a child, but also remind each child of the filial piety and gratitude of his parents. Hopefully with the best proverbs and proverbs about mothers in 2022, but ThuThuatphanMem introduced above will help you realize many things. Wishing those who still have fathers and mothers will have the most meaningful and fulfilling days.

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