Soạn bài Chuyện người con gái Nam Xương – Ngữ Văn 9

Soạn bài Chuyện người con gái Nam Xương – Ngữ Văn 9

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Soạn bài Chuyện người con gái Nam Xương – Ngữ Văn 9 –

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Realistic and humanitarian values ​​as well as the beauty of women’s souls are topics of interest to many artists. Compose the story of Nanchang’s daughter by Nguyen Du, readers can see the love that the writer has for his character as well as pity for the fate of Vu Nuong. Together with analyze and Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughter Check out the article below!

Summary of the work “The story of the Nanchang girl”

Nam Xuong’s daughter, whose real name is Vu Thi Thiet, is a beautiful and meek girl. A boy from the same village named Truong Sinh liked her for her good manners and asked her mother to marry her. As a dignified and faithful daughter, Vu Nuong was always one-hearted with her husband. Knowing Truong Sinh is inherently suspicious, so she always maintains the discipline to not let disagreement happen.

The happy reunion was not long before her husband had to join the army to fight the Chiem invaders. During the farewell ceremony for her husband, she poured a full cup of wine, hoping that he would return soon with two words of peace. Compose the story of Nanchang’s daughter This is a touching detail that shows her love for Truong Sinh.

After her husband served in the army for a while, she gave birth to a lovely son named Dan. Half a year has passed, her mother-in-law is getting weaker and weaker, she takes care of the rice, porridge and medicine, and skillfully advises her. However, due to advanced age, the disease worsened and her mother-in-law passed away. She was extremely merciful, all the sacrifices and funerals she took care of as fully as with her biological parents.

The year after the war ended, her husband returned, and her children were learning to speak. Truong Sinh carried Dan to visit his mother’s grave, the baby kept crying. When Truong Sinh coaxed, baby Dan innocently said: “So you are also my father? He can talk again, unlike my father who was silent before.” Due to his cynical and jealous nature, when he heard that, Truong Sinh thought that his wife was bad.

At home, he shouted loudly. Vu Nuong explained that she was crying, but her husband did not listen and decided to send her away. Before the scene of her life being falsely accused, her loving husband did not believe it, but insisted that she dan diu with another man. Vu Nuong took a clean bath, then went to Hoang Giang wharf, raised her face to the sky, and then jumped into the river to commit suicide.

Not long after her death, in a lonely night, under a late-night lamp, suddenly little Dan pointed to the shadow printed on the wall and said, “Father Dan is here again.” At that time, Truong Sinh knew that he had blamed his wife.

In the same village, there was a man named Phan Lang who was a leader at Hoang Giang wharf because he saved Linh Phi, so he was saved. Therefore, Linh Phi met Vu Nuong at the aquarium. Therefore, she sent a yellow flower with a message. Knowing that his wife was unjustly accompanied by her message, Truong Sinh set up an exoneration band at Hoang Giang wharf where she was buried. Vu Nuong appeared, sat on a palanquin, thanked her husband, and then slowly disappeared. So, Compose the story of the Nanchang daughter ended here.

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Summary of the work “The story of the Nanchang girl”

Compose the story of Nanchang’s daughter

After summarizing the story of the Nanchang girl, teachers and students need to answer some questions in the Literature book. Therefore, the Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughter is absolutely necessary. Below we have a reference.

The layout of Nanchang’s Daughter Story

One of the content that needs to be grasped for a work is the layout, and when Compose the story of the Nanchang daughter, we also need to take care of this issue. It can be said that this work is divided into three distinct parts as follows:

Part 1: From the beginning to… as for covering my mother

The content of the first part of the story talks about the marriage between Truong Sinh and Vu Nuong, as well as her life at her husband’s house. This first part also talks about the virtues of Vu Nuong, and reflects the separation from marriage because of the war.

Part 2: From Qua next year to… trot is over

This section focuses on Vu Nuong’s injustice and tragic death when Truong Sinh misunderstood and decided to kick her out of the house.

Part 3: The rest of the work

At the end of the work, Vu Nuong is exonerated.

The author portrays the beauty of Vu Nuong’s soul through situations

  • First of all, the dignity and beauty of her personality are placed in the daily relationship between husband and wife. From her situation when she was finally returned to her husband’s house, her personality, the way she took care of her mother-in-law when she was sick and dead, how she kept her virginity when her husband was away…
  • Vu Nuong was placed in a situation of separation from her husband: Truong Sinh was forced to join the army to fight the Chiem army. When she was away from her husband, she expressed her condolences, and prayed that her husband would always be at peace so that he could return soon
  • When she was separated from her husband, she was a faithful wife, a filial daughter-in-law, and a caring mother. Compose the story of Nanchang’s daughter we admire the dignity of a woman like Vu Nuong.
  • When she was falsely suspected by Truong Sinh, she explained and explained so that her husband could understand her loyalty, but to no avail. Sad and heartbroken, Vu Nuong threw herself at the Hoang Giang riverbank. This last act shows her determination to defend her dignity and honor.

Compose the story of Nanchang's daughterCompose the story of Nanchang’s daughter

Analyzing the causes of Vu Nuong’s unhappiness

When Truong Sinh – her husband whom she loved so much and looked forward to returning, possibly because of the child’s false accusations against her, Vu Nuong was determined to protect her dignity and honor by dying on the banks of the Hoang Giang River. Her main purpose is to justify her purity. However, when Compose the story of the Nanchang daughterespecially when analyzing the cause of Vu Nuong’s death, we will see the following basic reasons.

  • Direct causes: The suspicion in Truong Sinh’s personality, the impatience of distrust in his wife. Although he is the main man in the family, the one who holds the power in the family, but if Truong Sing trusted and loved his wife, he would not have pushed Vu Nuong to the point of drowning in the Hoang Giang river.
  • Deeply indirect causes: Unjust society favors men and despises women. A brutal feudal society strangled people’s right to life so that they would end up looking for death. Only when Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughter We can only understand one of the sufferings of the old woman…
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Compose the story of Nam Xuong’s daughter to see the element of legend

In order to understand the art of the story, as well as the legendary elements that the author used in the work, when Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughterwe need to analyze some important details such as:

  • Dream story of Phan Lang – ferryman at Hoang Giang wharf
  • The story of Phan Lang meeting Vu Nuong at Linh Phi’s aquarium at the turtle field
  • The story of setting up a band to clear the injustice, Vu Nuong appeared on a palanquin with brilliant flowers when hiding and appearing

By using magical elements along with realistic elements in the work, Nguyen Du has successfully created the work of authenticity. These miraculous factors created the basis to whitewash Vu Nuong, affirming her chastity and noble dignity in particular and that of ancient women in general. Thereby, author Nguyen Du also conveyed the dreams and aspirations of the people at that time about justice, love and the desire for happiness.

Compose the story of Nam Xuong's daughter to see the element of legendCompose the story of Nam Xuong’s daughter to see the element of legend

Compose the story of Nam Xuong’s daughter to see the value of reality and humanity

The story of the Nam Xuong daughter is an excellent work about the life of an ancient woman in a feudal society. The image of a woman with many noble qualities such as being rich in sacrifices, loving her husband and children, and hard working. When Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughter By Nguyen Du, the image of Vu Nuong appears to represent the situation, fate and life of the ancient woman…

A reality full of injustices that “respect men and despise women”, a woman with a low throat has no voice, her life depends on her husband and then suffers a lot. Bitterness, humiliation, cruelty. Author Nguyen Du, through the character of Vu Nuong, expressed sympathy, sympathy and respect for the status of women in the ancient society. This is the great humanitarian value that when Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughterwe easily recognize this.

Besides the sentiments rich in human life, the work also shows a deep realism value. The main character is Vu Nuong who appears to be a virgin, virtuous and beautiful woman. Her virtues are worthy of respect, yet her husband unjustly blames her because of the words the young child is learning to speak. Therefore, in order to decide to protect her noble dignity to the end, Vu Nuong had to seek death to clear her mind.

The work honestly reflected the injustices in the ancient feudal society. At the same time, it also clearly shows the nature of social life in a historical period. This is clearly reflected in the image of her husband – Truong Sinh. He is the son of a male society that “respects men and despises women”. He was introduced as a family with conditions to ask for “hundreds of golden villages to get married” but he had little education and was very suspicious.

This is also the nature of the feudal male-dominated society in the past. A society that always upholds the role of men and pushes women’s lives into a standstill. A society that is chaotic, wars constantly divide women’s happiness.

When Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughter, we see that when Truong Sinh had to join the army. She wholeheartedly takes care of her children and worries for her mother-in-law, is filial to the person who gave birth to her husband. She understands Truong Sinh’s personality, which is cynical, hot-tempered, and uneducated, so she always tells her heart to stay faithful to her husband.

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It can be said that Vu Nuong is a woman who understands her husband and is full of virtue. When Truong Sinh was about to go to the army, she poured a full cup of wine to invite her husband and expressed peace to him, hoping that he would return soon. In the rear, she misses her husband dearly in the distant border. She is a woman full of affection, because she does not want glory, but only needs two words “peace”.

Indeed, when Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughter, we see that the noble qualities worthy of praise of Vu Nuong are also the beauty of the soul of ancient women. Missing her husband’s return was like that, but when Truong Sinh came back, she firmly believed in the babbling words of her son who was learning to speak to confirm that she had lost her temper.

The unjust feudal rites tolerated the men, allowing a raging male society to weigh heavily on the shoulders of virtuous women. Vu Nuong, like many women, because of that unfair society, because of that suspicious husband, happiness has slipped out of reach, so that dignity is trampled and soiled. To preserve her personality, she had no choice but to seek death at Hoang Giang wharf.

She could no longer reunite with her husband and children. Borrowing the opportunity to have someone go down to the aquarium to send their feelings to her husband. It can be said that in order to keep her honor, she had to pay a heavy price. From now on, yin and yang are two sides, the difference is not a date to meet again. Baby Dan can only miss his mother through every sob. The realistic and humanitarian value of the work has cleverly shown the message that Nguyen Du sent.

As long as a male-dominated society still exists, a brutal unfair regime where “respect for men and women” continues to take place, there are still women who suffer and the word “happiness” is far away. reach for them. Compose the story of Nanchang’s daughterwe find that Nguyen Du has shown his love and respect for the character, and at the same time with the old women.

The work The Story of the Nam Xuong Daughter by Nguyen Du deeply expresses the real value as well as the humanitarian value. Thereby, the writer spoke out to denounce the dark and inhuman forces that pushed the women to the end, a life of stalemate and much suffering. With realistic depiction and fantasy elements, the writer has successfully portrayed the image of an ancient woman through the character Vu Nuong. If you have any contributions or questions related to the topic Composing the story of Nanchang’s daughterplease leave a comment below to learn more with!

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