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Weaning is the process by which a baby transitions from breast milk to a diet combined with raw foods such as porridge, vegetables, flour, etc. Your baby’s digestive system is developing day by day. Therefore, mothers need to develop a menu of weaning foods according to each month of age for their children in a scientific and diverse way, so that the child will be easier to absorb nutrients from food and can develop comprehensively. Join Monkey to learn the weaning menu for children in the article below.

Signs your baby is ready for solids

From 0 to 6 months of age, breast milk is always the best source of nutrition for your baby that no other food or ingredient can match. In addition to providing nutrients, breast milk also makes it easier for the baby to digest, less likely to cause allergies, increases the function of the immune system and is absolutely safe for the baby’s health.

By the time the baby is 6 months old, the baby’s body weight has doubled compared to when it was born. When the baby is 6 months old, the energy from breast milk is only enough to provide about 450kcal/day. However, at that time, children need about 700kcal/day. Therefore, 6 months of age is the right time to supplement nutrients from foods other than breast milk. That is the baby’s weaning phase.

Determining when your baby starts weaning is very important. If a mother gives her baby solid food too early or too late, it will also affect the baby’s digestive system, development as well as the ability to eat raw later.

When your baby is 6 months old, please observe and monitor your child’s activities, if your child has the following signs, it proves that your baby is ready to enter the weaning journey:

Baby often wants to feed at night

Babies at the age of 6 months can often be hungry, even if they have just finished feeding or have had enough and eaten as usual. When your baby starts repeating a history of crying for a night feed, this will be a remarkable sign for you to realize it’s time for your baby to start solids.

Adequate nutrition for your child through food and solid food will help make up for the gap in energy deficiency, help your child sleep straight and avoid being disturbed by hunger in the middle of the night.

Baby is interested in food

One of the signs that help you know that your baby is ready for solid foods is when your baby is interested in food. Children will show expressions of interest, excitement and anticipation when they see you holding or eating food. In addition, your child may show a desire to eat adult food.

Whenever there is an opportunity to come into contact with food or be given it by parents, children often cannot control the behavior of putting food in their mouth. Just because your child puts food in his mouth doesn’t mean he can eat it right away!

Babies are often interested in food when they are ready to eat solids.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Baby can now self-adjust neck and head

An equally important sign to signal when your baby is ready to start solids is when he is able to self-regulate his neck and oils. The baby can keep the head stable, the upright sitting posture shows that the child’s skeletal system and body have become stronger.

Weaning menu for each month of age for babies

Building a weaning menu for each month of age will ensure that you are provided with all the necessary nutrients and help you avoid “headaches” when preparing weaning meals that are both varied and nutritious. Please pocket the suggested weaning menu for your child in each stage below!

6 months

Potato porridge

Materials to prepare:

  • Potato

  • Carrot

  • Rice


Step 1: Please wash clean rice and cook porridge

Step 2: With potatoes and carrots, peel, wash and boil.

Step 3: Mash the carrots and potatoes, put the blended mixture into the porridge pot and stir well.

Potato porridge.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Diluted egg yolk porridge

Materials to prepare:


Step 1: Mom wash clean rice and cook porridge

Step 2: Mother beat the egg yolk, then slowly add the egg to the porridge and stir well, avoiding the egg to clump.

Step 3: I continue to cook for another 3-5 minutes and then turn off the stove. After that, please sift the porridge before giving it to your child!

Dilute egg yolk porridge.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Fish soup

Materials to prepare:

  • Rice

  • Snakehead

  • Carrot

  • Straw mushrooms


Step 1: Mom washes clean rice and cooks porridge

Step 2: Please wash the fish and remove the fishy smell with ginger and white wine. Then, please filter the bones and bring the fish minced or puree!

Step 3: Peel the carrots, steam them, and mash them finely

Step 4: Stir-fry snakehead fish until golden brown. Then mom put carrots and snakehead fish into the cooked porridge and stir well. Mom cooks for another 4 minutes and then turns off the stove. Delicious fish porridge is ready.

Fish soup.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Cheese porridge

Materials to prepare:


Step 1: Pumpkin mother peeled and washed. Then she steamed it and put it in the blender and pureed it.

Step 2: Mom put the pumpkin puree into the pot of boiling water and put in the cheese balls. Note that you need to stir the cheese and pumpkin quickly so that the mixture is smooth and blended.

Cheese porridge.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Mushroom sweet cabbage porridge

Materials to prepare:

  • Rice

  • Sweet cabbage

  • Mushroom


Step 1: Mom wash clean rice and cook porridge

Step 2: My mother prepares to clean the sweet cabbage and mushrooms. Then my mother boiled the vegetables

Step 3: Mother puree vegetables and mushrooms, mix well with the cooked porridge.

Step 4: Continue to cook for about 3-4 minutes, the delicious porridge is ready.

Mushroom cabbage porridge.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

7-8 months

Cereal cooked with eggs

Materials to prepare:

  • Milk

  • Road,

  • Yolk

  • Cereal


Step 1: Mix milk, sugar, egg yolk and flour, then sift through until smooth

Step 2: Mom poured the mixture into the pot and simmered. Remember to stir well with your hands until the dough comes together! Then I sprinkle the cereal and mix it well and let me enjoy it.

Egg cereal.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Chicken mushroom

Materials to prepare:


Step 1: Please wash the rice clean and cook the porridge well

Step 2: Wash the mother mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. The chicken and mushrooms that have been prepared, please mince and stir-fry again

Step 3: When the porridge is cooked, bring the above mixture to stir well. Chicken mushroom porridge is ready for mam mam.

Chicken mushroom porridge.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Sweet potato soup

Materials to prepare:

  • Red pumpkin

  • Sweet potato

  • Onion


Step 1: Heat the pan and sauté the onions for about 2 minutes. Then, my mother put the pre-cooked pumpkin and sweet potato in the stir-fry.

Step 2: Mom added water and boiled for about 15 minutes to soften the ingredients

Step 3: Then the mother put the boiled part in the blender, increase or decrease the amount of water so that the soup is not too thick or too thin and puree. Thus, sweet potato soup is ready for you to cook.

Sweet potato soup.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

9-11 months

Beef soup

Materials to prepare:

  • Rice

  • Beef

  • Vegetables shrinkage


Step 1: Mother soaked plain rice for about 1-2 hours, then washed and drained to cook porridge faster. Then my mother cooked porridge with a ratio of 3 parts water and 1 part rice

Step 2: Cut the mother beef into small pieces. The leaves of the mother plucked the leaves, washed and finely chopped. Then my mother brought the beef and spinach to a puree with a little water

Step 3: When the porridge is cooked, add the mixture of ground beef and spinach and stir well. Mom continued to cook for about 10-15 minutes and then turned off the stove.

Beef soup.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Pork porridge

Materials to prepare:


Step 1: The mother’s rice is washed and cooked

Step 2: Mom, mince the pork and then stir-fry it

Step 3: When the porridge is cooked, the mother adds the stir-fried pork and stirs well. I continue to cook for about 5 to 10 minutes until the meat is tender. If the baby is 6-7 months old, the mother should put it in a blender and sieve it again before giving it to the baby. Children from 9 to 11 months old, mom just need to cook porridge well enough for children to enjoy!

Pork porridge.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Over 12 months

Various kinds of meat porridge, vegetable porridge, oats

At the age of 1 year old, the baby can chew. Therefore, the mother does not necessarily have to puree the foods. Please prepare a variety of foods and rich menus to fully supplement your child’s nutrients!

Some types of porridge mothers can give their children include: meat porridge, vegetable porridge, oatmeal porridge.

Enhance your baby’s snacks with fruit juice

For children over 6 months old, drinking fruit juice brings a lot of benefits to the child’s development. In addition to the usual weaning foods that you often prepare such as fish, meat, vegetables, etc., please enhance your child’s snacks with fruit juice to stimulate the taste, provide more vitamins and minerals for the baby. child.

Foods that need to be supplemented for babies to eat solids

Weaning plays an important role in helping children stay healthy and develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually. Please note the foods that need to be supplemented for your baby to eat solids below:

  • Starch: Includes whole grain rice and oatmeal, wheat. These grains are rich in iron. In the early stages of baby’s weaning, an adequate supply of iron will help regenerate new blood cells and maintain a healthy immune system. If the child is iron deficient, it will affect the nerves, causing retardation of the child’s development and reduced ability to concentrate.

  • Types of meat: pork beef. These meats contain a lot of iron and protein, which play an important role in helping your baby grow healthy

  • Fish: In fish is rich in omega 3 and protein – substances that help develop the baby’s nerves, eyesight and brain. When your baby is 7 months old, please add fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, … to your baby’s weaning menu!

  • Eggs: One of the ingredients that is easy to prepare and easy for babies to eat is eggs. Eating eggs will help provide vitamins A, B, iron, and protein for your baby. In particular, the yolk of the egg also contains a lot of nutrients such as carotene, vitamins A, E, D, K,… However, the mother should note that the eggs should be cooked, should not be given to children like soft-boiled eggs. be adults!

  • Green vegetables: Mothers should add dark green vegetables to help provide a variety of vitamins and minerals for children such as folate, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E, …

  • Yogurt, cheese, milk: These foods are essential for your baby at the age of 1. Besides adding protein and calcium, yogurt also has a lot of probiotics – beneficial bacteria for digestion and strengthening the immune system.

Note when feeding baby solids

To ensure that your baby is weaned properly and is fully supplemented with nutrients, mothers need to keep the following notes in mind when building a weaning menu for each month of age:

At any stage, it is necessary to ensure that all 4 groups of substances are met

No matter what stage of development your child is in, you need to make sure you get enough of the 4 important groups of nutrients to help your baby develop the best. The protein group includes eggs, milk, soybeans, meat, fish, legumes/beans,… The sugar group includes bread, vermicelli, pho, rice, flour, corn, potatoes,… Vitamin group and minerals including fresh vegetables and fruits. The group of fats includes butter, cheese, oils, oilseeds,…

4 groups of essential nutrients for babies to eat solids (Photo: Internet Collection)

In addition, in the process of preparing meals for children, mothers should not add fish sauce and salt to their children’s food because their kidneys are still weak. If you add too much fish sauce, salt will make your kidneys work too hard, thereby affecting your health later.

Pay attention to provide a lot of calcium for your baby

Calcium is a nutrient that helps build strong bones. In addition, calcium also helps the body stay healthy in many different ways, both helping nerves and muscles work and playing an important role in keeping a healthy heart.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to providing plenty of calcium for their children. Besides foods, milk is also a great source of calcium. Mothers should give their children milk every day and should not replace milk with other weaning foods!

Pay attention to change the dishes to avoid boredom

An important note for children to eat deliciously and enjoy each meal is to change the menu and diversify the ingredients for processing. Please try to prepare rich menus, change dishes to avoid boring. Mothers can use micronutrient oils when cooking to provide more necessary nutrients and can enhance absorption for children.

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Thus, Monkey shared the most detailed information on how to build a weaning menu for each month of age. Hopefully, through the above article, mothers will prepare delicious and nutritious weaning meals for their children to grow healthy. Don’t forget to follow Monkey to learn more useful knowledge in the journey of taking care of the lovely little angel!

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