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The customs and habits of Vietnamese people attach great importance to Watching the Age of the Couple, so before marriage, they often go to feng shui masters to see if the marriage age is suitable or not. Practice has proven that this is completely grounded, if two people are not suitable for each other’s age, they will quarrel and speak harshly. When they grow up, they rummage, their business fails, and they may even separate. However, we will not need any teacher to see the age of the couple if we know the marriage chart and the guide to see the birth sign in marriage in this article.

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How to Calculate Your Destiny According to the Year of Birth

Before watching whether the couple’s zodiac sign is compatible or not, we need to know how to calculate the zodiac sign according to the year of birth of both husband and wife. The steps to calculate the zodiac sign are as follows:

  • Step 1: determine the lunar year of birth
  • Step 2: Add all the numbers in that year of birth and divide by 9, and take the balance in the table below to know what zodiac sign you are. If it is divisible by 9, then it is always 9. In case of adding the year of birth but not enough 9, then take that number.
  • Step 3: Take the balance result and look it up with the following table of fate of men and women

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For example: A person born in 1982, the determination of that person’s zodiac sign will be calculated as follows:

  • We take 1 + 9 + 8 + 2, the result is 20
  • Take 20: 9 = 2, remainder 2
  • Based on the Cung Menh table above, if you are a man, you will get a Ly. If it’s a girl, I look it up in the female table and I get the Qian bow.

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Watch The Destiny of Husband and Wife Is It Compatible?

When we know the Man’s and Women’s Zodiacs, we will determine if the couple is compatible with the following marriage chart. In which, take the husband’s destiny sign (in the horizontal row) first and link it with the wife’s destiny (in the vertical row) after to align to find the results. Judging by this chart of husband and wife’s destiny, we will see that the zodiac signs associated with each other will have 8 cases of transformation: Thien Y, Five Demons, Phuc Vi, Absolute Destiny, Harm, Sinh Qi, and Luc Sat. and Dien Nien. In which, the groups of Sinh Qi, Dien Nien, Thien Y, and Phuc Vi are sand (good). On the contrary, the sign groups: Five Ghosts, Luc Sat, Hoa Hari and Absolute Men are hung (bad).

Table of Marriages and Marriages

See Marriage Age For Those Who Are In Love

Chan’s husband married a wife with Ly (Birth Qi): rich life, good fortune, good luck, husband and wife in harmony. , the family is separated, the couple is broken in the middle of the road. Chan’s husband gets married to Cung Ton (Dien Nien): a happy and stable family for life, rich in fortune, successful children. Luc Sat): family rummages, discord, early parting. Children are long, brothers and sisters in the family are in discord. Chan’s husband is married to Khon palace (Hoai Ha): husband and wife, children are prone to illness and disaster. Chan’s husband married Kham (Thien Y). ): the husband and wife are full of happiness, full of love, love and glory. See the age of husband Chan married to the palace of Doai (Tuyet Mang): husband and wife rummage, there is no lasting happiness. , easy to be separated.Husband Chan is married to his wife Chan (Fu Vi): the family is rich, full of life, happy and peaceful, above and below.

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concubine husband and wife

See Marriage Age For Deserving People

Husband Can married a wife of the Kham palace (Ngu Quy): the marital relationship is not complete, the wife or husband easily falls into the cycle of castration. Can’s husband marries the wife of the Khon (Sinh Qi): the family is rich, glorious, the house is high. The door is wide, the power is immense. Can’s husband married a wife of the Doai (Dien Nien) palace: good fate, happy family, leisurely life, prosperous money. Can’s husband married Chan (Luc Sat) : unhappy family, bad fortune, easy career to dissipate Can marry a wife of Can (Thien Y): in middle age, he will inherit many blessings, his descendants will be lucky and well-off. Can’s husband gets married to Ton (Tuyet Mang): extremely bad, if he gets married, he has the ability to get married. 1 of 2 people died. Can’s husband got married to Can’s wife (Fu Vi): the family was peaceful and harmonious, the middle class was comfortable.

See Marriage Age For Divorce People

Ly’s husband married a wife of Chan (Birth Qi): the couple agreed to work together to make a family, a lifetime of leisure and prosperity, a successful middle-aged man in all aspects. Ly’s husband married a wife of Doai (the Five Demons): money: money The wealth is wasted, the house door gradually disappears. Ly’s husband married a wife of the palace of Kham (Dien Nien): happy family, increasingly passionate love, successful children. Ly’s husband married a wife of Khon (Luc Sat): The family did not get along, the couple soon separated.Ly’s husband married Can’s wife (Hoai Hari): the husband and wife later were unfaithful, the family encountered many diseases. Ly got married to Ton (Thien Y): her whole life was rich, her family was peaceful, her children were perfect. Ly’s husband married Can’s wife (Tuyet Mang): the couple’s predestined relationship broke off in the middle of the road, the wife and children separated. Ly’s husband married a wife of Cung Ly (Fu Vi): faithful husband and wife, happy family, rich in money in the middle, happy in the afterlife.

See Marriage Age For Expensive People

Ton’s husband married a wife of Kham (Sinh Qi): his family was peaceful and happy, his children grew up living a luxurious life… Chan palace (Dien Nien): rich, rich and precious for life, perfect marriage relationship for a hundred years. Husband Ton married Doai palace (Luc Sat): money declines, the predestined relationship changes drastically. Can’s wife (Hoai Hari): constant calamity, bad debt, bitter sorrow and bitter life. Husband Ton married Cung Ly (Thien Y): long-term money power, long-term debt of happiness to enjoy richness for a hundred years. .Ton’s husband married Can’s wife (Tuyet Mang): the couple broke off their burdens in the middle of the road, the predestined relationship broke off and repented. good.

See age of husband and wife by zodiac

See Marriage Age For People With Mosaic Significance

Kham’s husband married a wife of the palace of Ton (Spirit of Life): the number was not high, but he was safe, the husband and wife were good, and the children were good. Kham’s husband married the wife of the Can (the Five Demons): no matter how rich he was, he would default, and his children would grow up to be prostitutes. Traveling … Kham’s husband married a wife of palace Ly (Dien Nien): happy family, husband and wife have rich wealth, before and after leisurely. , predestined long dong. Kham’s husband married a wife of Doai (Hoai Ha): the fate of husband and wife wearing, lifelong suffering, grief and grief in the early morning. Kham’s husband married Chan (Thien Y): mandarin, authority, Life is full, the couple is happy until the end of the year. Kham’s husband gets married to the Khon palace (Tuyet Mang): money is scattered, money is dissipated, without a husband, the wife will go to the underworld. Kham (Fu Vi): a peaceful family life, a pre-determined family religion, eternal life full of abundance.

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See the Age of Marriage for the People of the Palace

Doai’s husband married a wife of the Can (Spiritual) palace: stable marriage, tall house, good children. Doai’s husband married Cung Ly (Ngu Quy): his career failed, his predestined relationship was like a thread. .Doai’s husband married a wife of Can (Dien Nien): a warm wife, a lifetime of passionate love. Doi’s husband married a wife of Cung Ton (Luc Sat): a miserable family, a chaotic relationship. wife of Kham (Hoai Ha): disaster, illness, more tragedy, half a life of separation. Doai’s husband married a wife of Khon (Thien Y): the family was rich, children made a career. Tuyet Mang): the root of life is multi-valued, long-standing, the predestined relationship is broken. Doi’s husband marries Doai (Fu Vi): money is in the middle, children are grown up to please their parents.

See Marriage Age For Wise People

Husband Khon married a wife of Can (Living Qi): rich, the family was in harmony on all sides. (Dien Nien): leisurely riches, with noble people to support. Khon’s husband married a wife of Ly (Luc Sat): a sad and tragic relationship. love and sorrow In life, the predestined relationship is tragic. Khun’s husband married a wife of the Khon palace (Venerable position): middle-aged has ups and downs, at the end of his life is rich and rich.

See the Marriage Age For People of the Palace and Gan

Can husband marry a wife of Doai (Sinh Qi): the predestined relationship is attached for life, becoming rich. Can husband marrying a wife of Chan (Ngu Quy): husband and wife are not in harmony, economically poor. Husband can marry a wife of Khon palace. (Dien Nien): Wealth is like overflowing water, a giant door, eternal blessings. Can husband marry a wife of Kham (Luc Sat): sad wife, half-life separation. Husband Can marry a wife of Ton (Hoai Ha): husband and wife are reunited before they leave, their children grow up orphans. Can’s husband gets married to Can’s wife (Thien Y): prosperous life, passionate love, good son-in-law, gentle bride. Can’s husband married to Ly (Tuyet Mang): the fate of grief and sorrow, the roots of a cold life. Can’s husband married a wife of Can (Fu Vi): rich in old age, middle-aged and happy at home.

How to Solve Incompatible Couples

After looking at the couple’s age according to the zodiac sign, knowing whether the couple is compatible or not, we will refer to how to solve the husband and wife’s mismatch, each bad sign will have its own, specific solution. as follows:

* Luc Sat Palace: Luc Sat is one of the most evil, scary and also the most difficult to resolve when forming a family. A married couple but meeting Luc Sat will waste money and money, affecting the health of everyone in the family, easily leading to breakup, even death. To neutralize the Luc Sat sign effectively, the husband and wife should consider having a child under the Dien Dien sign, also known as the Phuoc Duc sign, which will bring luck and joy in family and social emotional relationships. when breaking the Luc Sat palace.

* Cung Hoai Harm: In marriage, if husband and wife commit this case, it is easy to cause family discord. The road of doing business faces many difficulties and obstacles. Children are also at a disadvantage. Therefore, many couples, although they love each other very much, but because of this reason, they break up. The husband and wife who violated the Hoa Hai palace were very bad. Therefore, to neutralize, you should choose the year of birth in the sign of Fu Wei or Dien Nien. The goal is to improve the relationship of family members better. Health and fortune are improved. In addition, you should choose the direction of the kitchen, bedroom, and worship in these two signs to resolve conflicts.

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* The Five Demons: The husband and wife who commit the Five Demons can cause many problems such as frequent entanglements in the market, sickness, and accidents that need to be dissected. In particular, the husband and wife who commit the Five Demons are often difficult to avoid conflicts, disputes, and incompatibility in the family. Although the love is broken, it is not easy to break up. Life will face many difficulties. If you accidentally commit the Five Demons, try to give birth to a Child of the Life sign to neutralize it because the child will bring good things to the family from health to strengthening the relationship of husband and wife. This is the best way to neutralize the Five Demons in marriage.

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* Cung Quyet Menh: is a bad direction in the group of 4 bad directions in Bat Trach’s opinion. The Palace of Destiny belongs to the star Po Quan. This is a very bad direction that can lead to fatal illness, premature death, family breakdown, family separation. The sign of death will cause a bad omen if it does not create consistency and lack of synchronization between the azimuths in space and the destiny. The bow of death can also cause disaster in the connection between the male and female monsters in the body. Couples can find a way to neutralize the death bow by giving birth to a child belonging to Thien Y. This sign is a great sand sign in terms of money, health as well as children, so it is possible to overcome the sign of Absolute Destiny. .

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